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Cosby, Leicestershire, England


Notes: From: 'The King's England - Leicestershire and Rutland' by Arthur Mee
The stream runs down its street as it has done for centuries, crossed by little wooden bridges, but industry has marched this way, and only the church remains of old, with its roots in the thirteenth century.
It has its roodloft stairs still, with a sculptured faun at the doorway, and ancient beams in the roof have carved bosses, one a grinning grotesque with protruding tongue, another gnashing his teeth. There is a fifteenth century screen and a long dug-out chest bound with iron. The east window has fine modern figures of Our Lord in a rich red cloak, with archangels gorgeously arrayed in purple and green on either side and two angels kneeling above.
Among the names on the list of rectors is a forgotten Samuel Pepys of the famous Samuel's own century, and Thomas Rickards, who was here for 56 years in more recent times.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkins, John  1824Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1202
2 Chapman, Ann  1812Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1046
3 Chapman, Ann  1814Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1102
4 Chapman, Ann  1826Cosby, Leicestershire, England I520
5 Chapman, Ann  Abt 1833Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1035
6 Chapman, James  1818Cosby, Leicestershire, England I991
7 Chapman, John  Abt 1829Cosby, Leicestershire, England I506
8 Chapman, Joseph  1830Cosby, Leicestershire, England I553
9 Chapman, Mary  1812Cosby, Leicestershire, England I248
10 Chapman, Mary Ann  Jun 1823Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1192
11 Chapman, Sarah  1806Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1194
12 Chapman, Sarah  1810Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1219
13 Chapman, Susannah  Between 1 Jan 1844 and 31 Mar 1844Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1064
14 Chapman, Thomas  1803Cosby, Leicestershire, England I816
15 Chapman, William  1752Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1204
16 Chapman, William  1816Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1078
17 Hancock, Ann  1850Cosby, Leicestershire, England I762
18 Hancock, Elizabeth  1850Cosby, Leicestershire, England I841
19 Hancock, Joseph  1833Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1221
20 Hancock, Joseph  1850Cosby, Leicestershire, England I864
21 Hancock, Lavinia  1844Cosby, Leicestershire, England I795
22 Hancock, Maria  11 Nov 1839Cosby, Leicestershire, England I860
23 Hancock, Rebecca  1850Cosby, Leicestershire, England I761
24 Hancock, Sarah  1832Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1218
25 Hancock, Thomas  1846Cosby, Leicestershire, England I954
26 Hancock, William  1850Cosby, Leicestershire, England I959
27 Jones, Ann  1809Cosby, Leicestershire, England I605
28 Parker, Joseph  Abt 1848Cosby, Leicestershire, England I4903
29 Pawley, Mary Anne  1829Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1581
30 Pawley, Sally Bull  1852Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1583
31 Smith, Ann  Abt Mar 1806Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1304
32 Smith, Ann  Abt 1810Cosby, Leicestershire, England I572
33 Smith, Benjamin  1857Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1404
34 Smith, Betsey  1840Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1932
35 Smith, Betsy  1835Cosby, Leicestershire, England I597
36 Smith, Eleanor  1818Cosby, Leicestershire, England I2210
37 Smith, Eliza  20 Oct 1816Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1275
38 Smith, Eliza  4 Mar 1817Cosby, Leicestershire, England I570
39 Smith, Eliza  1835Cosby, Leicestershire, England I593
40 Smith, Eliza  1840Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1323
41 Smith, Eliza Sophia  1845Cosby, Leicestershire, England I600
42 Smith, Elizabeth  1785Cosby, Leicestershire, England I6385
43 Smith, Elizabeth  1804Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1310
44 Smith, Elizabeth  1823Cosby, Leicestershire, England I569
45 Smith, Elizabeth  1829Cosby, Leicestershire, England I595
46 Smith, Elizabeth  1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I604
47 Smith, Elizabeth Ann  1848Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1330
48 Smith, Emily  1850Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1933
49 Smith, George  1849Cosby, Leicestershire, England I617
50 Smith, John  1781Cosby, Leicestershire, England I6384

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Belton, Sarah  1801Cosby, Leicestershire, England I6177
2 Bennett, Ann  13 Jan 1857Cosby, Leicestershire, England I933
3 Bennett, Eleanor  1871Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1282
4 Chapman, Ann  1812Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1046
5 Chapman, Ann  1816Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1102
6 Chapman, John  1832Cosby, Leicestershire, England I504
7 Chapman, John  1833Cosby, Leicestershire, England I4645
8 Chapman, John  1835Cosby, Leicestershire, England I677
9 Chapman, Mary  1833Cosby, Leicestershire, England I248
10 Chapman, Sarah  1809Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1194
11 Chapman, Thomas  1911Cosby, Leicestershire, England I544
12 Chapman, William  1776Cosby, Leicestershire, England I6176
13 Chapman, William  1870Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1078
14 Martin, Ann  Jun 1831Cosby, Leicestershire, England I669
15 Pawley, Mary Anne  Jan 1915Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1581
16 Pawley, Sally Bull  1886Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1583
17 Smith, Ann  Feb 1825Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1304
18 Smith, Eliza  1843Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1323
19 Smith, Elizabeth  Oct 1857Cosby, Leicestershire, England I604
20 Smith, Elizabeth Ann  1849Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1330
21 Smith, George  Nov 1849Cosby, Leicestershire, England I617
22 Smith, Mary  Jun 1803Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1306
23 Smith, Sarah  Jan 1863Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1315
24 Smith, Thomas  1827Cosby, Leicestershire, England I568
25 Smith, Thomas  1853Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1327
26 Smith, Thomas  1856Cosby, Leicestershire, England I573
27 Smith, William  Jan 1827Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1393
28 Smith, William  1838Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1302
29 Snow, Thomas  1820Cosby, Leicestershire, England I989

Census Return

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census Return    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Ann  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I933
2 Bennett, Ann  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I933
3 Chapman, Mary Ann  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1192
4 Chapman, Mary Ann  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1192
5 Chapman, Susannah  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1064
6 Chapman, Thomas  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I816
7 Chapman, Thomas  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I544
8 Chapman, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I816
9 Chapman, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I544
10 Chapman, Thomas  7 Apr 1861Cosby, Leicestershire, England I816
11 Chapman, William  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1078
12 Hill, Ann  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I815
13 Hill, Ann  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I815
14 Hill, Ann  7 Apr 1861Cosby, Leicestershire, England I815
15 Smith, Betsy  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I597
16 Smith, Elizabeth  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1310
17 Smith, John Henry Pockin  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I548
18 Smith, Mary Ann  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1262
19 Smith, Sarah  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1315
20 Smith, Sarah Anne  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I616
21 Smith, Thomas  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1261
22 Smith, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1261
23 Smith, William  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1263
24 Snow, Thomas  7 Jun 1841Cosby, Leicestershire, England I358
25 Toone, George  30 Mar 1851Cosby, Leicestershire, England I744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Informant    Person ID 
1 Chapman, Mary Ann  13 Jan 1857Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1192

Possible Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possible Death    Person ID 
1 Needham, Sarah  1791Cosby, Leicestershire, England I6382

Removal Order

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Removal Order    Person ID 
1 Chapman, James  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I991
2 Chapman, John  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I4645
3 Chapman, John  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I677
4 Chapman, Louisa  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I924
5 Chapman, Mary  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I248
6 Chapman, Sarah  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1219
7 Chapman, Thomas  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I816
8 Chapman, William  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1078
9 Martin, Ann  19 Jun 1819Cosby, Leicestershire, England I669


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Ann  Between 1803 and 1857Cosby, Leicestershire, England I933
2 Chapman, Mary Ann  Between 1824 and 1857Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1192
3 Chapman, Thomas  1824Cosby, Leicestershire, England I816
4 Hill, Ann  1824Cosby, Leicestershire, England I815
5 Smith, Thomas  1814Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1261
6 Smith, Thomas  Between 1844 and 1854Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1261
7 Smith, Tom  Between 1853 and 1854Cosby, Leicestershire, England I807
8 Smith, William  Between 1802 and 1826Cosby, Leicestershire, England I1393