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Islington, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Elsie A.  1925Islington, Middlesex, England I2111
2 Bernasconi, Annie Eleanor  24 Mar 1907Islington, Middlesex, England I5547
3 Bernasconi, Arthur James  2 May 1914Islington, Middlesex, England I1696
4 Bernasconi, Florence Maud  17 Feb 1917Islington, Middlesex, England I1698
5 Bernasconi, Frederick George  11 Jul 1911Islington, Middlesex, England I1700
6 Bernasconi, Joseph Charles  1877Islington, Middlesex, England I713
7 Bernasconi, Joseph Charles  1905Islington, Middlesex, England I2095
8 Bernasconi, Mary Ann Caroline  30 Aug 1903Islington, Middlesex, England I2139
9 Bernasconi, Richard Alfred "Alf"  2 Jan 1920Islington, Middlesex, England I1701
10 Bernasconi, Walter Thomas  16 Oct 1912Islington, Middlesex, England I1702
11 Bernasconi, William John  1909Islington, Middlesex, England I2140
12 Bettinelli, Brian Laurence  18 Mar 1937Islington, Middlesex, England I1454
13 Burton, John  1915Islington, Middlesex, England I6093
14 Chapman, Jessie Ellen  1859Islington, Middlesex, England I1827
15 Davies, Annie  1911Islington, Middlesex, England I2098
16 Davies, Charles James  1898Islington, Middlesex, England I2104
17 Davies, Frederick  2 Sep 1915Islington, Middlesex, England I2100
18 Davies, Jane Ellen  1900Islington, Middlesex, England I2105
19 Davies, Joseph John  1895Islington, Middlesex, England I2109
20 Davies, Leonard George  1898Islington, Middlesex, England I2103
21 Davies, Percy  1907Islington, Middlesex, England I2108
22 Davies, Richard Albert  1904Islington, Middlesex, England I2107
23 Davies, Susan Margaret  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I2106
24 Davies, William Arthur  1897Islington, Middlesex, England I2102
25 Edwards, Ada  1877Islington, Middlesex, England I5601
26 Edwards, James  1847Islington, Middlesex, England I1821
27 Edwards, James  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I2715
28 Edwards, Louisa Mary  1872Islington, Middlesex, England I5203
29 Finch, Sarah Jane  1869Islington, Middlesex, England I1826
30 Fitch, Florence L.  1896Islington, Middlesex, England I2029
31 Gibbs, Arabella Eliza  1861Islington, Middlesex, England I4137
32 Green, Charles Alfred  Sep 1894Islington, Middlesex, England I4592
33 Holland, Albert Edward  9 Feb 1910Islington, Middlesex, England I3177
34 Holland, Arthur William "Sonny"  1 Nov 1907Islington, Middlesex, England I1229
35 Holland, Charlotte Henrietta  1862Islington, Middlesex, England I1467
36 Holland, Dorothy Amelia "Dolly"  3 Apr 1904Islington, Middlesex, England I695
37 Holland, Florence Christiana  19 Aug 1907Islington, Middlesex, England I3176
38 Holland, Frederick Ernest  3 Jun 1916Islington, Middlesex, England I875
39 Holland, George William  Between 1 Jan 1903 and 31 Mar 1903Islington, Middlesex, England I3174
40 Holland, Jessie Beatrice  6 May 1913Islington, Middlesex, England I2127
41 Holland, Maud  1912Islington, Middlesex, England I2126
42 Holland, Robert James "Bob"  11 Apr 1915Islington, Middlesex, England I1230
43 Holland, Thomas James  Between 1 Jan 1906 and 31 Mar 1906Islington, Middlesex, England I3175
44 Holland, Victor Stanley  1920Islington, Middlesex, England I349
45 Holt, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1881Islington, Middlesex, England I1466
46 Howard, Ada  1878Islington, Middlesex, England I697
47 Howard, Alice  1884Islington, Middlesex, England I5532
48 Howard, Alice Ada  1876Islington, Middlesex, England I5530
49 Howard, Florence  1889Islington, Middlesex, England I5534
50 Howard, Harriet Eleanor  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I5535

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arabella  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I4119
2 Bennett, Elsie A.  1926Islington, Middlesex, England I2111
3 Bernasconi, Joseph Charles  1931Islington, Middlesex, England I713
4 Bettinelli, Lorenzo Umberto  1994Islington, Middlesex, England I1452
5 Bettinelli, Ronald Victorio  1995Islington, Middlesex, England I1453
6 Bettinelli, Vittorio "Victor"  1930Islington, Middlesex, England I3456
7 Burcher, Susannah  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I146
8 Chapman, Jessie Ellen  1863Islington, Middlesex, England I1827
9 Chapman, Job William  1865Islington, Middlesex, England I4822
10 Chisley, Ellen  1864Islington, Middlesex, England I4823
11 Darlow, James  1915Islington, Middlesex, England I354
12 Davies, Joseph John  1896Islington, Middlesex, England I2109
13 Fitch, Albert Charles  Between 1 Apr 1936 and 30 Jun 1936Islington, Middlesex, England I1496
14 Fordham, Albert George  1915Islington, Middlesex, England I1677
15 Green, Charles Alfred  Abt 1963Islington, Middlesex, England I4592
16 Harmer, Thomas  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I2399
17 Holland, Charles Henry  1904Islington, Middlesex, England I3178
18 Holland, Charlotte Henrietta  1912Islington, Middlesex, England I1467
19 Holland, George William  1926Islington, Middlesex, England I1468
20 Holland, Victor Stanley  Dec 1920Islington, Middlesex, England I349
21 Howard, Alice Ada  1878Islington, Middlesex, England I5530
22 Howard, Harriet Eleanor  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I5535
23 Howard, William  1875Islington, Middlesex, England I5529
24 Jannotti, Katherine  2005Islington, Middlesex, England I6553
25 Keetch, Alfred  1943Islington, Middlesex, England I4570
26 Keetch, Charles  1892Islington, Middlesex, England I4572
27 Keetch, Frederick  1962Islington, Middlesex, England I5540
28 Keetch, Herbert John  1965Islington, Middlesex, England I4571
29 Lines, Henry Frederick  1919Islington, Middlesex, England I708
30 Lines, Lilian Daisy  1887Islington, Middlesex, England I5520
31 Lines, Lily  1870Islington, Middlesex, England I2830
32 Lines, Rhoda Largent  1926Islington, Middlesex, England I706
33 Lines, Rose Elizabeth  1883Islington, Middlesex, England I5519
34 Lovegrove, Vera Dorothy  1990Islington, Middlesex, England I4801
35 McCullagh, Ada  1893Islington, Middlesex, England I5525
36 McCullagh, Laura  1894Islington, Middlesex, England I5524
37 McCullagh, Lilian  1893Islington, Middlesex, England I5526
38 McCullagh, Thomas  1887Islington, Middlesex, England I5523
39 Meek, Griffith  1887Islington, Middlesex, England I4531
40 Miles, Rhoda Largent  1918Islington, Middlesex, England I1802
41 Neil, George  1870Islington, Middlesex, England I2403
42 Parrin, Henry  1911Islington, Middlesex, England I6251
43 Parrin, James  8 Jan 1910Islington, Middlesex, England I6285
44 Parrin, Steve  1898Islington, Middlesex, England I355
45 Patrick, Catherine Frances  1894Islington, Middlesex, England I2613
46 Patrick, Dorothy "Dolly"  1943Islington, Middlesex, England I1502
47 Patrick, Eliza Elizabeth  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I1850
48 Patrick, Francis George  1883Islington, Middlesex, England I1182
49 Patrick, George  1856Islington, Middlesex, England I4824
50 Patrick, John  1793Islington, Middlesex, England I272

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Alternative Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternative Birth    Person ID 
1 Burcher, Susannah  Abt 1852Islington, Middlesex, England I146
2 Lines, Henry Frederick  1846Islington, Middlesex, England I708
3 Turney, Charles Gentleman  Islington, Middlesex, England I3466

Family Story

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Family Story    Person ID 
1 Holland, Arthur John  Between 1901 and 1949Islington, Middlesex, England I877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Informant    Person ID 
1 Bathgate, Margaret  9 Feb 1838Islington, Middlesex, England I2402
2 Burcher, Jane  28 Nov 1895Islington, Middlesex, England I1213
3 Darlow, James  14 May 1900Islington, Middlesex, England I354
4 Ellis, Mary Ann  1 Jun 1866Islington, Middlesex, England I1141
5 Patrick, Dorothy "Dolly"  28 Jan 1934Islington, Middlesex, England I1502
6 Steed, Charles Orlando  28 Dec 1887Islington, Middlesex, England I1634
7 Turney, Charles Gentleman  6 Oct 1866Islington, Middlesex, England I3466


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 Holland, Charles  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I1472


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bernasconi / McMahon  1940Islington, Middlesex, England F479
2 Bettinelli / Holland  1930Islington, Middlesex, England F410
3 Burton / Patrick  1914Islington, Middlesex, England F1354
4 Bussey / Patrick  1923Islington, Middlesex, England F95
5 Davies / Patrick  1895Islington, Middlesex, England F488
6 Green / Parrin  1889Islington, Middlesex, England F513
7 Hamblett / Bernasconi  1928Islington, Middlesex, England F1791
8 Haslam / Holland  1889Islington, Middlesex, England F500
9 Hawkins / Thomson  1881Islington, Middlesex, England F966
10 Holland / Howe  1939Islington, Middlesex, England F475
11 Holland / Watt  1940Islington, Middlesex, England F647
12 Holland / White  1934Islington, Middlesex, England F983
13 Hornick / Holland  1942Islington, Middlesex, England F1271
14 Howard / Willes  1873Islington, Middlesex, England F275
15 Keetch / Bordman  1920Islington, Middlesex, England F1790
16 Lovegrove / Patrick  1902Islington, Middlesex, England F147
17 McCullagh / Willes  1887Islington, Middlesex, England F198
18 Miles / Lines  1889Islington, Middlesex, England F502
19 Munday / Willis  25 Dec 1935Islington, Middlesex, England F673
20 Parrin / Beasley  1873Islington, Middlesex, England F423
21 Parrin / Groves  1884Islington, Middlesex, England F132
22 Patrick / Finch  1888Islington, Middlesex, England F146
23 Rogers / Freeman  1896Islington, Middlesex, England F1789
24 Smith / Lovegrove  1951Islington, Middlesex, England F1528
25 Smithson / Holland  1938Islington, Middlesex, England F1270
26 Swabey / Evans  1889Islington, Middlesex, England F782
27 Tisdall / Holland  1912Islington, Middlesex, England F501
28 Willes / Quilter  1875Islington, Middlesex, England F469